I was looking around at some of the local pawn brokers this week, and i stumbled across an original 1984 fender stratocaster selling for $800 (AUS)
the only problem with it was that it had been modded by its previous owner (i had a look and it had one of the original style floyd rose tremolo units on it)
its well used but in good condition and i was just curious as to wheather i should get it?

oh, and for the guitar collectors out there, the serial for it is:

E 407918
If you like it, then I don't see why not. It's definately devalued quite a bit due to that aftermarket floyd.

Maybe you can haggle it down now.
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I'd snatch that up, if for nothing other than the fact it sound like a pretty amazing guitar.

Sounds like a pretty good guitar in that you get an amazing blues/rock-ish guitar WITH a tremolo that can take some abuse, that still sounds good with that old wood/old pickups.

Go for it, try to haggle, but I'd go for it even if they won't.