Thoughts? I will be trying to acquire Nuendo 3.2 relatively soon unless someone directs me towards a better/cheaper program. How expensive is it?
Nuendo is one of the most expensive programs out there for recording and mixing. You're looking at around a grand for it. Cubase is made by the same company and is a lot cheaper. Nuendo is a post production suite for professionals and has many high end features etc.

Why not try Cubase 4, which can be had for around the £350 mark (approx). I use version SX3, and like it very much.

You could also look into Cakewalk's Sonar, which has extensive features and is also a lot cheaper than Nuendo.
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You could also look at Abelton Live, for about 300 bones.

Mackie Tracktion is also quite a nice program. I think it's about 100 bones.
I managed to get hold of a cracked copy of Nuendo for free.
Exactly the same as the full version. Nuendo 2.0 i believe it to be
It's ****ing awesome as well
If you can get a copy for next to nothing then i'd recommend it
If not just get Cubase
AFAIK, Nuendo doesn't offer anything that Cubase does except for post-production stuff like syncing audio to video, etc. The audio engines are the same. For recording, mixing, mastering, there is no advantage in spending the extra cash on Nuendo.

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