Got this for $300 (actually, my parents bought it for me for my birthday)

I love it. Anyone else have it?

I bet most of you guys have better guitars than this, but this is a good beginners guitar.
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Nice little starter number,

i never had one but i had a LP copy similar to that

Epiphones a damn good brand too, my Main guitar is an Epiphone

Hope you enjoy playing as much as us lot do, good luck with your playing

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yeah i got a gibson, but with a bit of an action tweak (in some cases when their stock in shops) and some new strings or higher gauge its a pretty good vaule for money guitar. i work in a shop that sells em and their goin like hotcakes right now
$300 for a Special ll?! I got mine plus a Marshall MG10 for around $250 new at GC for my starter setup.

Mines been nothing but trouble, had a repaired tone knob, countless input problems, and at the moment my bridge pickup has suddenly collapsed and the screw closest to the bottom appears to be broken. Another trip to the shop..
I think it's a nice little starter guitar, however i got my old one for £80 from an old mate.

However soon you will see its shortfalls. But for a beginner guitar.. Not bad man

peace x
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