hey guys,
i ordered a les paul neck and body for a new project, the only possible problem is that they are both already sanded and sealed with some sort of clearcoat.

so my two part question is: can i stain over the already existing coat?
and what kind of stainer will allow me to do this, then clearcoat with acrylic/nitro/two pack?

any helpful ideas would be much appreciated.
stain works by soaking into the wood so you will have to sand away the sealer.
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You will need to sand it off yeah. If the sealer is soaked in enough, you may not be able to get it off. That's what happened to me, so I had to paint my flame maple.

If it is just sanding sealer, you can by tinted lacquers from ReRanch and Stewmac, and spray them on it.
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