I want to get a new case for my guitar.

I have seen these cases and i like them what i am wondering is will they fit a jackson RR 24pro as i need a case that will hold that as it is a bit of a strange shape
Should fit, i can put my shecter c-1, my epiphone les paul, and my ibanex rg in the postal monkey case. As long as the tips arent to long then you should be fine i have abotu 2 inches of room below the strap peg.

I measured the compartments to make it easier. The body part is a rectangle 23" by 12", and the part that accepts the neck is 20" long and plenty wide, so as long as your guitar is under 43 inches in length then u r good!!!!
cool cheers. will have to get measurments on a RR-24 then

Anyone got one they can quickly measure and tell me the measurments of the body as the jackson website dont help me