So yeah, did a search for Arthur Brown and didn't find a thread on him. Anyone else here like him?

Of course, I'd heard "Fire" quite a while ago and liked it, but heard it again more recently and got the album "The Crazy World of Arthur Brown" and really like it.

Was quite interested to find that Pete Townshend produced the album too, and that Brown was obviously more of an influence than he's often given credit for (or at least that I'd noticed), with the obvious influences on the likes of KISS and Alice Cooper, and the amount of bands that have covered his stuff (can tell someone's been on Wiki, ha).
Apparently played a priest in Tommy and a Darkness video too, maybe he wasn't really 'the god of hellfire'

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I don't think I could name you anything else by him but the amount of times as a kid I went around saying that and the 'duh de duuuuh duh duh, Fire' that follows must be somewhere in the hundreds. Absolute classic.
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