I know the basics of reading sheet music but how do i "convert" the sheet music into a tab, for example how would i know exactly where to play a g or f on the fret board of my guitar
that is where tab kinda has it over sheet music, and a reason why guitarist don't think it necessary to learn to read music. it is hard to tell where finger placement actually is.

that being said there is one concrete way of converting a little bit of sheet music to tab. the lower notes on the low E string can only be played on that string(that is E,F,F#/Gb,G, and G#/Ab), after that you pretty much have to do an educated guess as to what the best fingerings would be. this also requires that you be very intimate with your notes on the fret board and you barre chords. some easy ways of doing this is to figure the basic chords of the song and try them in open and barred positions and figure out which one is easier to play and gives you access other notes with the song(like grace notes or trills). this is a completely unexact science but you do get used to it after a while.
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Totally up to you. Pick whatever fingerings are the most practical.
You have to be in the right octave, but other than that, this is correct.