I'm putting a guitar together, and I need 1 humbucker and 2 single coils. Ive been thinking about what the humbucker will be, probably a Dimarzio - Super Distortion, Tone Zone, or a Virtual PAF Pro (which I'd have to get off ebay because they're discontinued). Other than that, the single coils, I have no idea. I've never had a guitar that takes single coil pickups, so I have no idea what's good and what's bad. I play heavy metal, 80s stuff too, but mostly ball busting metal. I want pickups that will scream, I'd like to have a wicked load of sustain, just a powerhouse pickup, in all 3 pickups.

The single coils dont have to be Dimarzio, I'm pretty certain that I want the humbucker to be tho. I've thought about getting an Yngwie signature pickup for one of the single coils, because I love the neoclassical tone he gets. Anyways, I'm open to ALL suggestions. Thanks.

Btw, I'm putting this stuff in a Jackson DK2 body, if it helps you any.
Randy Rhoads & Dimebag
the yngwie pup wont give you a ball busting metal sound, its a pretty mellow pickup really like the HS3 he also uses. probably a good option for the middle pickup but you might want something a bit more aggressive in the neck position.

as for the bridge, you probably dont want a tone zone as thats more of a shred sounding pickup. the super distortion would be ideal for metal, especially from the 80s or maybe a super 3 for more modern tones.
thanks! I listened to the sound clips on the Dimarzio site and it's hard to really hear what the pickups sound like, and hear the difference between each one. They're using different amps on each clip because they're just clips of bands that use the pickup, and you have no idea what amp they're using, and that is effecting the tone too. It'd be a lot better if they'd sit down and record a few clips with each pickup, running thru the same amp every time, so you could hear the difference.

Anyways, I dig that neoclassical sound, So I might end up getting the Yngwie pickup. Other than that, I'm still open to suggestions.
Randy Rhoads & Dimebag
If you like that type of sound the then YJM pups are ideal

You won't wont a high output pickup for that sound anyway as Yngwies tone is quite clear and not dirty until it hits his Marshalls. Thats the whole idea behind it. You want your guitar to send as clean as single as possible then get your gain from your amp or overdrive pedals.

Youd like the HS-3 in the bridge and the YJM in the neck.. perfect combo