Well guys, it wasn't easy uploading this at all but i finally just said what the hell. Bear in mind, I've only been playing about 5 months and i fully realize that i am a beginner. I know i play like one, sound like one etc. I just want you guys to know that i dont think im better than i am. Anyway, I partially covered Boston's More than a feeling. I didn't play the clean intro arpeggios. I played the powerchords, and I DID play the solo even though it didn't really sound like it. It's an overall messy recording, the sound quality isn't that good and you can hear me randomly playing at times tryin to get my volume just right. About how well am i doing for 5 months? I know this probably belongs in cover songs but i am a beginner and this is the beginner section so i thought it would be ok. If not, mods feel free to move it. Thanks for your time.

song is on my profile btw
dude you cant use the original track in a cover. Its not a cover at all. you just ripped of Boston. And the fact that you posted this in the wrong thread could also contribute to noone listening. Theres a whole board for cover songs.
I didn't mean to rip off Boston, that wasn't my intention at all. I just don't like backing tracks with no lyrics. Im removing the "cover" as we speak.
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