Crate: Profiler Series Model 5 W/USB Does anyone have this that can give me some pointers...it came with Traction recording software...looks complicated...anyone? Thanx
I bought the Crate Profiler 5 over the weekend. I consider myself a hobbyist at guitar and the Crate suits my needs pretty well. I play an Ibanez AS-73 semi-hollow body and enjoy the Crate's clean settings with a single delay. There are quite a few other sound choices as well. I've read that folks are having problems with the amp shutting down after awhile. I am assuming that is because they are using batteries as a power source. I have been using the included ac power adapter and have not had any problems. The tracktion software comes with a pdf guide and I've not done much recording yet. Without reading the pdf guide, I've managed to record a couple of tracks but haven't gotten into too much more than that. I can see where this amp would have shortcomings for someone looking for more serious performance or recording use but the amp seems to be aimed at someone needing a very portable amp or wanting to do basic recording.