Whenever I pick up the guitar, I find myself playing scales or just the stairway to heaven solo, unconsciously, because it was the first solo i learned the whole way through. Does anyone play a song similarly? I find it kind of relaxing.

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One by Metallica

Greatest song of all time. Nuff said.
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i usually tend to play enter sandman exept for the solo because it was the first thing i ever learned
if im tired or not reelly psyched about playing i tend to play wish you were here by pink floyd
I pick it up and I usually play an Asus2 chord.. it goes crazy from there.
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i play the intro to Into the Coven by Mercyful Fate cause its a really good warm up
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opening riffs- caught in a mosh- anthrax
that's what i start with.
or riffs from a norma jean song.
lol i usually do the same thing with the blues scale cuz its so simple and sounds amazing anywhere lol. and the master of puppets solo, it was the first solo i learned

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One's first solo.
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The first thing I do is check to see if it's in standard or Drop-D.
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I play e and a minor pentatonic scales, then i play the intro to sweet child of mine, and then i play purple haze by jimi hendrix.
lol You guys sure know your stuff. I grab my guitar, open my book, and learn little 8 measure songs with some chords in it.

I just started so I hardly know anything.
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Usually either the intro to "The Trooper" or the intro to "Sweet Child O' Mine," occasionally it's the blues scale at the twelfth fret though.
for some reason i play the TNT intro to warm up the amp then i start playing the stairway solo, then dani california solo =D
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Coheed is Soooo gooooood.

Coheed and Cambria has some really fun solos, I'm really into Welcome Home right now I can't get enough of the solo in that song.
Anything a la randy rhoads
Doowop dooby doo doowop doowah doolang
Blue days black nights doowah doolang!
Finger excercise 1,2,3,4 2,3,4,1 3,4,2,1 4,1,2,3,
Chords A, E, C, G, D, F (7th, minor and barre)
Come as you are intro
IRON MAN intro
The Evil that Men Do intro
Sweet Child O Mine intro and bridge
Zakk Wylde Farewell Ballad up to the part before he goes NUTS!
Then a powerchord medely I came up with...

(lots of intros... )
For me it's usually a little Killswitch Engage - My Curse I know a few parts of the song and it's pretty fun to play. Either that or the intro to Master of Puppets. Or more recently... C major scale.
I check the guitar's tuning with natural harmonics whenever I pickup a guitar. Then I play an open G-chord and then an open C-chord. Sometimes I'll play a bit of "Wish You Were Here" or "Jesus Dont Want me for a Sunbeam", just pretty sounding chordal stuff to make sure everything is decently in tune.

Pretty much all the warm up I do in most cases.