Yes, I finally got around to mic'ing up my amp and have a few question/statements.

1. I know I need to get a good microphone for the amp, right now I'm using a condenser this one (Click this) I probably need a new one. I'm gonna take a guess and say shure sm57 would be my best bet.

2. Where do people typically point the microphone at on the speaker cone?

3. This is proof to everyone that the Windsor actually has cleans. I've seen many people who probably haven't even played it saying it's impossible to get a clean sound.

4. The playing sucks on the recording, which is on my profile by the way. I improvised the entire thing. The cleans are all played with the neck position coil split. The first version of Sweet Home Alabama is played with the texture knob all the way up, second is all the way down.

You can pretty much tell where I change settings. The distortion comes in with the bridge position coil split and then changes to bridge position until I turn on the tubescreamer at the second take of the bridge part of Holy Wars.

That's it, awesome.

And sorry if you're mad that this is in GG&A instead of Riffs & Recording. I was debating which forum to put it in.

It sounds like my guitar does when it's unplugged. . .
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It sounds like my guitar does when it's unplugged. . .

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