I was wondering what you guys thought of agile les pauls compared to epiphone les pauls (standard) I'm thinking of getting one or the other but does anyone know the agiles? How do they compare? How is rondomusics service? By the way I'm looking to get the 400 - 450 range guitar.
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this is like comparing a flushing toilet to a hole in the ground
I'd personally go with the Agile becuase, although I've never played an Agile the specs and testomonials seem to be very good. I've heard very good things about Rondo Music's customer service.

really inspect it when you get it. mine was defective when i got it.

the good news is that customer service is very good, i sent mine back, they reimbursed the shipping and sent me a new one.
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Ok so im pretty set on the AL-3100.Looks great, great specs, great reviews, great price, goodl looks.
haha, yeah well the answer for me is always epi when it comes to epi vs agile. agiles dont even look like les pauls...
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this is like comparing a flushing toilet to a hole in the ground
Depends on one simple factor; are you able to try multiple instruments before you buy?

- If you are in a position where you can go to a store and try out 10, 11, maybe even as much as 16 Epiphones, then the Epi is the better way to go. A lot of Epiphones are very poor - but every so often you'll come across one of the fabled rare, superb ones. Most Epiphones can be easily classified as utter rubbish, a few (probably about one third of them) can be classed as merely average. In my experience, less than ten percent of Epis can really be called 'one of the great ones', so you really do need to be able to try out lots of them. But hey, if you're able to do that, and you find one of the good ones, there is no better guitar out there for the money. Hell, I lucked out finding one particularly good Epi LP Custom once, and it's better than my Gibson Classic Custom which cost over five times as much. But keep in mind, to find that one amazing Epi LP Custom, I had to spend two months going to seven different stores and trying out twenty six different LP Customs before I found the good one.

- If you can't try out at least ten or so Epiphones though, then they're not worth the risk. For example, if you're buying online, the chances are you'll be sent one of the really **** Epiphones. If you're lucky, you might just get one of the boringly average ones. You can pretty much write off any hope of getting one of the good ones.
On the other hand, Agile's quality control is much better. While Agile's very best don't match up to Epiphone's very best, Agile's average is much better than Epiphone's average, and I've yet to come across any below-average Agiles (as opposed to Epiphone where I've found lots). So when you can't try many out, or if you're buying online, you have better chances of getting a nice guitar with Agile than you do with Epiphone; in that situation, it's a no-brainer which brand is better to go for.
^ thanks so much. Thats what i wanted to hear. I can go to the store and try out a couple of epiphones but not even close to how many you did. I think im going to go with the agile. it even looks nicer too though less like a less paul than epis.