You should always play your guitar first before you actually buy it, even cheap guitars can feel amazing, it's all in your personal tastes, my friend bought a 50s LP off ebay, and hated it because it had a neck of a black guys dick, it's all about your personal tastes, trying to find an LP that matches that at a local store or something.
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that looks like a pretty okay deal, looks pretty ligit, but i'd still be a little scepticle about eBay and all...
I have a local store, and i can show them any price and they'll sell me something for less. They told me when i go to buy my new amp, they'll look on the internet for prices, then try to cut some off and give me a deal.. i love this shop!

but, see if you have some little local shops with nice people, it would be a lot better if you could play it first. but if it all comes down to buying this, i'd say it's pretty good, for the price and all...especially with the case and everything.

EDIT: and like the guy above me said, try to find one close to it, i'd hate to get one like he said his friend got. i hate thick necks.