i am thinking about buying a nylon string guitar but i am a really bad guitar player but i guess that i am still learning but is a nylon string really harder then a reagular acoustic?

Nylon strings imply classical guitar. Classical method is much harder than most forms of guitar playing and requires a great deal of discipline. It's really a choice only you can make.
Sincerely, Chad.
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I agree with Chad.

Classical is good for fingerstyle, and they sound pure also.

Acoustic are hard because of the development of callouses first, but I personally love the sound acoustic makes, but thats just my opinion.
i agree with everything said above.

classical style guitar is a much harder style to master than nearly any other style of guitar. the guitars themselves are easier to play because the strings are easier on the fingertips and don't require the strength or callouses that steel strings do... however the fretboard is also wider and this makes them harder for some people. the difference between steel strung acoustic guitars and nylon strun classical guitars is not really whether one guitar is harder to play than the other... the difference is the style each guitar is mainly suited for.