awhile ago i wrote this song and its pretty fast and has fast palm-muting througout the verses. for the longest time i just used alternate picking when playing that section because i wasnt fast enough to downpick. but eventually i realized that it sounded like crap and the only way i can make it sound like i intended it to is if i get my downpicking up to speed. ive been practicing it over and over using downpicking while palm muting but i dont seem to be making any progress. so i was just wondering, does anyone have any tips on how to improve your downpicking speed, especially while palm muting?? thanks
work yourself up w/ a metronome
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Just lots of practice. Warm up before trying it. Make sure you can play stuff like Master of Puppets all with downstrokes. For me, I make sure my guitar is fairly low, and the neck is almost horizontal with the ground to set my right hand and wrist up for comfort, almost like James Hetfield. Just find what works for you.
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