I intend on buying their second album. It is much easier to listen to and much more likable. Their first CD wasn't as memorable, but had some good songs. The fact is that their second album was highly original and its use of psychedelic rock influences on In the Future can be seen in conjunction with the rise of the garage rock movement. However, it is a sharp break from their Velvet Underground-influenced debut. It also doesn't lift the main lyric to the Rolling Stone's "I Can't Get No Satisfaction." Having come from the retro-metal community, this band, Priestess, and Wolfmother are its most popular bands.
Their lead singer is also in another band aptly titled the Pink Mountaintops.
Well, I think that they have the potential to be very good. I like their second album better than their first. I think they have potential.
I think most people are reeling from the fact that their second album drifted from their first album's Velvet Underground sound. Actually, I feel that the first album was actually very difficult to access, mainly because it forklifted the Stones' "Can't Get No Satisfaction", on one song. However, this album is much better. Every song is good and the guitar work is excellent. The band is the work of Stephen McBean, an excellent songwriter that is part of the Pink Mountaintops and Black Mountain. Several members of Black Mountain have related side projects. I think that the Pink Mountaintops better utilize such a Lou Reed/Thurston Moore influence. However, this album is much fresher than Wolfmother, in fact. True, Wolfmother has epic songs, but this band is amazing.
I've always found that they are similar to the Black Angels (psychedelic indie rockers from Austin, sound a bit like VU), which is great.
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are they associated in some way with wolfmother?

No. If you want to check artists that they may be associated with, you should check out the Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Black Angels, Bon Iver, and those bands. Their difference from Wolfmother is that they are much more into the hypnotic aspect of Led Zeppelin. Wolfmother is mainly associated with Queens of the Stone Age, stoner metal bands, and other bands like that. Wolfmother is much more mainstream, but it's good stuff. Black Mountain is a bit more refreshing and isn't a band that rushes you. It's more like Led Zeppelin calmed down. Wolfmother is like the White Stripes covering Led Zeppelin, or, what the Stripes would be like, if they were a proto-metal band. Black Mountain is difficult to compare to some other new band that started the indie revolution of the New Millenium.
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I saw them on Conan one night and thought they were pretty alright.
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