Alright, pictures and the sort will follow soon, but i was playing on it today and am quite excited about it. Here is my general procedure:

Body was a piece of the rail that is used for sliding doors on shed, like a boxed aluminum with an open edge. I used a large eyelet bolt with washers for attatching one end of the string. No bridge for me, i like how it worked without one. I am using one of two split pickups, turned 90 degrees from its conventional use (wiki whamola, and then look at how claypools pup is mounted). For the handle and pulley, i cut a 2x4 down to a 2x2 and did some moulding with a rasp and file, then wrapped it with hockey tape for comfort. The end that the strong goes over is filed to a curve with a groove in it to seat the string in. After the string goes all the way over the curve and groove, i have a hole drilled through the handle which the string feeds through and then is attatched by going through a bolt that has a hole in it and tightening a nut on the bolt to make the string catch on the handle. I used a spray on bedliner to finish the body. I am going to make a fretboard out of a ripped 2x4, rasp file and sand accordingly. Hope this helps someone who is trying to build their own, my total cost broke down as such:
8 foot rail (cut down to size) 25$
Cost of a 2x4 (Part for handle, part for fingerboard)
Cost of washers and eyelet bolt
Cost of your electronics
Cost of string

Fortunately for myself, the only thing i didnt have lying around was the rail for the body. I recently replaced the pups in my bass, and had the old originals lying around and they seem to work just fine on test runs. Any questions, send me a message and i will help as much as possible.
Cant wait for pics man.
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Walker Rose.
so slow going with pictures, but its finished. the tone is freaking awesome. Just need to get my camera back from a friend and they will be up. if you are thinking about trying this, do it, its such a unique instrument worth all the time/money