Okay, I've got a 3 month old Playstation 3 (40GB) that I'd like to trade. The "bundle" includes:

-Playstation 3 (40GB) Console
-2 wireless controllers (with 2 usb cables used for charging battery)
-4 games (Army of Two, Call of Duty 4, NCAA March Madness 2008, and Sonic)

Plus: if you want it, I'll throw in the "MAN"-Cable a.k.a. 50 foot ethernet cable.

The only problem with the any of this stuff is that the console has scratches on the top, but it hasn't affected the performance at all.

I'd like to trade for an electric guitar. Mainly a high-gain guitar. I'll be playing hardcore/metalcore type stuff. I really want an ESP Viper-400.

Lastly if you want pics of everything then pm me and I'll get them to you tomorrow.

EDIT: Back up for sale except with 2 more games...

Grand Theft Auto 4 & Resistance: Fall Of Man

Shoot me offers as well!!!
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Quote by sobrandnew2232
Sorry, i'm sure it sounds great but that guitar is just not for me. Hope your sale goes well.

its no prob
Hey man if you want to do our deal, I'm all in.
Just tell me if you're 100% sure on it

Plus you're in Amarillo
I'm in Albuquerque, Shipping would be quick and cheap
or either of us could take a road trip and trade. haha
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