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You slam her against the wall
now don't you feel big and tall
i bet you will feel way better
when she covers her bruises with a sweater

she doesn't give in to your so called "charms"
so you just grab hold of her arms
you push her back onto the bed
not even caring you smashed her head

yea, smack her a few times that'll do it
maybe then she will come to it
maybe she will get with you, flirt
only because she doesn't want to get hurt

are you happy now? you got what you want
go run off to all your friends and flaunt
but that poor girl just got abused
will she tell anyone why she is bruised?

June Bugs and Dung Beetles (Mae's Pt.3)

You used to send an SOS and I'd get an IOU
Guess I wasted my time on Y O U
That'd be you my dear, and I am the source of your fear
Hey there listen here, if my voice sounds queer
It's cuz i know you wish that I didnt exist
I see you doing wrong but he's just another guy on the list

Its the truth and truth be told
I was harsh but I could've been more bold

I've said it before April to Mae, showers and flowers
Heard the story for a years worth of hours
But chapter 3 to this tale is flowers bring bugs
And these June bugs bring ****, I'm finished im done
I know im fed up, but the choice that i hinge
Do I want vengence or do I want revenge

It's the truth and truth be told
I was harsh but I could've been more bold

When's it my turn to do you wrong
Has it been my turn all along
i like the red one alot not to much to say about it but the last 2 lines i didnt like..... it almost seemed to me like they changed the mood of it
I voted red, however I think there's a lot of "tall and small" rhyming going on. Some of it just seemed a bit forced, and had difficulty flowing. I didn't pick blue because it was difficult for me to pick up on the rhythm, and it didn't really seem to follow a pattern to me.
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red sounds just like that song by the red jumpsuit apparutus...the image it paints, the language, the general feeling its conveying, it almost sounds TOO similar
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