Hey guys I have been looking for a cheap strat lately (mainly been looking used as I would like to find a Fender and not a squier). Unfortunately I have not been having much luck but I did find an interesting guitar. After doing some research I have found that Squiers at some point in the 90's were made in Mexico at their Encenadas factory. According the the serial# on the guitar I am looking at, it was made in '95. What is the quality like on these old mexican squiers? Is it at all similar to the quality of the MIM fenders of today? The seller is asking 200$ for the guitar although I think I can talk him down $25-50. I feel like $200 may be a bit steep for a 13 year old guitar, especially a squier. The guitar works fine and looks like it has never been touched. I haven't had the opportunity to play 'er yet.

I want to get opinions on the quality, construction, etc. of these guitars before making the drive to play/possibly purchase. Let me know!

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i don't know the answer to your question but have you tried guitardaterproject.com and fender.com and google.com?

I just used the search box in top left on 'Squier mid 90's' and it looks like there might be stuff you could read thru there. hope that helps.

Ya I did a lot of similar searches which is where I got the information I have now, but little to no information on the quality of the guitars themselves.