how come i've never even heard of a super-delegate before this years election and now all of a sudden thats all the news media talks about. what is a super-delegate anyway, just another stupid group of lobbyist to corrupt this government even more then it is already (if possible)? or is this a legitiment group of people? this pisses me off
Alright, well, you have the delegates who listen to the voters. Then you have super delegates, who are usually senetors, or governors. These delegates can vote however they please, no matter how people vote. Due to the fact that they can vote however they want, when it comes to the super delegates, you may see a lot of "favors" being called in. That's all I know.
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how come i've never even heard of a super-delegate before this years election

because you're oblivious to the world around you
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it is my uderstanding that they are national primary voters who are high elected officials with enough "power" to sway other delagates, but I also saw some nerdy guy on Colbert I thinkk whose super delagate status was never reasoned.

I think its bull as well.

I believe there is an only political thread.
Super-delegates can smoke weed legally and carry a gun without a permit.
well really is this just saying that there vote actually counts; just because they hold a government job in a government thats supposed to have all people equally heard; and since they have money and know certain people they can do what they want?

p.s. i didn't think this was political, just a question about the government
Super-delegates are just like regular delegates, but have been bitten by radioactive voters.
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we've been talking about them in Government class lately.
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i never learned about them when i was in my governement class a year ago, i read about delegates but never super-delegates
super delegates are the people that get to vote for each delegate in their party's convention
so lets just say that there is some state with exactly 100 delegates and only Obama and Clinton are competing. If Obama wins 60% of the popular vote, he gets 60 delegates to send to the Democratic convention to vote for him there. These "super delegates" are people like govorners, mayors, people that signed up somehow (idk where, but it is possible) and they are supposed to vote how the popular vote did. but since they have their own considerations, they can vote however they want.
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theyre like regular delegates. theyre only used in the democratic nomination. theyre all democratic members of congress, dem. governors, party leaders, and pretty much large donors. their votes count for a couple hundred normal votes. its pretty lame...but oh well. bill and hillary clinton are both super delegates...but then again so is obama
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so just anyone can sign up for a super-delegate postion (by anyone i mean anyone in the government) and then proceed to ignore the popular vote and go for whoever they want?