Poll: What do you call McDonald's?
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123 55%
9 4%
Mickey D's
39 17%
54 24%
Voters: 225.
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(I never eat there) But what do you call McDonald's?

McDick's? Mickey D's? McDonalds? Something else?
I don't think the food is gross, but I call it McNasty's
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personally I hate the place, except for the french fries

but around here it's usually called Mickey D's or just McDonald's
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I only eat there when I'm wasted and it's mad late so I usually call it something like "MUUURGH"

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(I never eat there) But what do you call McDonald's?

McDick's? Mickey D's? McDonalds? Something else?

McDonald's. Making a short form for a word besides a abbreviation (like MILF) is purly useless and annoying.
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I call it Burger King. If I convince myself it's Burger King food I'm eating it might start to taste like Burger King.
Like many Australian's, I call it Maccas.
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McDick's. although the only time i eat there is when im drunk and have a craving for something greasy. mmmmmm
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Mickey D's

Cheap as hell food, pretty good too. (Obviously not classy or healthy, though.)
Same. Where else can you get a cheeseburger and a coke for $1?

But no, I just call it McDonalds. Keep it simple. And I'm not gangsta enough to say Mickey D's, yo.
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Mickey D's
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"that ****hole with the greasy ass burgers"
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I eat there around once a year just to remind me of how bad that (non)food makes you feel.
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teh pronz
i call it Maccas or Maccadeedees

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