Hello guys, thanks for your help previously before with the fender knob question. (I just replaced them)

This morning I found a 1999 maple fretboard, B/W, MIM Fender strat in my uncles attic when he offered to pay me to clean his attic and told me to keep anything I found and like, for free because he is selling his home.

The guitar was in a gator gig bag, and to my surprise it has no cosmetic flaws, I tested the electronics and everything works perfectly. It was like basically getting a NEW guitar for free, minus the rusted strings ofcourse!

It also had the original fender serial number slips and certificate of authentic fender booklet inside the pouch! (how neat!)

Well today I went to Guitar Center and picked up a black fender accessory kit. (pickup covers, trem tip, knob, backplate etc.) a black input jack and white Dimarzio clip strap. This is my first time toying around with a strat (I play an ESP f-250 and Jackson Warrior XT, you know metal guitars!)

I was wondering if I unscrew the input jack plate will I have to resolder anything just to replace the black input jack I bought.

As for the pickup covers, is it just the small task of uncsrewing the pickup from the face plate and just replacing the white cover with the black?

I have some basic knowledge on how to solder but any tips would be immensely helpful.

I dont want to make any mistakes so if you guys have time can you please give some advice? Dont let this girl make a dumb mistake!
Takes for your time and I'm happy to have joined this forum, I will post some pictures of me and my guitar when I finish customizing it.


is the jack itself black or are you talking about replacing the chrome cover for a black one?

the pickup covers are easy, just unscrew them from the face plate and take the covers off, swap them and screw them back in.
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Yes I want to replace the chrome cover for a black one.
and btw I like your Icon!

alright, then take the washer off the jack itself and puck it in the cavity, unscrew the chrome cover and take your black cover, put the jack through it and put the washer back on, then screw on the black cover. that way you wont have to resolder anything.

oh, and taking off the pickguard when changing the pickup covers helps a lot too. more room to see what you are doing and gives you more room to work.
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I saw Pantera live once, Dime changed into a body bag right there on stage.


Do you have pics?