Hey, everybody. I've been playing guitar for quite some time, primarily on a steel string acoustic(and like a heathen on a loud 7-string electric, on occasion). However, I've started to learn classical guitar, which is a favorite style of mine. I looked at the 300 and under official thread already, and found some useful information, there.

But... I have more money to spend than that. I was wondering if any of you could recommend a solid-top(preferably cutaway) classical guitar up to around $500? Acoustic-electrics are welcome, as well.

Thank you all.
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To be quite honest, I've played almost every classical at my local Guitar Center, to include $500+ Cordoba, Rodriguez, Alvarez etc. yet I am infinitely more satisfied with this $100 classical I bought at Guitar Center from an Indonesian brand called Lucero. You ought to check them out, I'm not sure as to whether I just got a good one or not, but I'd definitely advise trying one out.
Yamaha C40s > Luceros.

Similar price. Both have laminate tops, but the Yamaha sounds much better.

As for the cutaway, if you're going seriously for classical guitar, you can ditch that idea. If you learn the correct technique from a teacher, you'll be able to get the higher registers. That's if you plan to get a teacher.

Check out Alhambra 5P, not sure of hte exactprice but it's around 500... I think.
Solid top is always the way to go, in my opinion. The problem with many solid tops in your price range is that they are of poor or inferior construction (which is why the Luceros is just a poor choice in comparison to the Yamaha C40).

Edit: disregard that; I misread your price range. In your range, I would look into the Yamaha CG171C. Yamaha makes very fine guitars.

Edit2: if you're comfortable with spending slightly outside your price range, the La Patrie Collection Classical Guitar is a fine choice, as well.
Sincerely, Chad.
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Thank you very much, Chad! Your advice has been quite helpful. I'll go play some of these soon.
Member #3 of the "I play my guitar as high as Tom Morello does" club.