Hi guys. ive been playin almost a year now with no guitar lessons completely teaching myself, and i was wondering if maybe some of you experts could explain or maybe send my some tabs (via email Darkrayder33@aol.com) of some scales. about the only thing i know a bout the scales are thier are 3 different kinds i thnik , major minor and pentatonic i think. if anyone ca give me some advice id greatly appreciate it.
Somebody if going to have to show you a lot more than a tab of a few scales if thats your conception of what they are...

Your best bet would be to check the free lessons available on UG. There is a lot more to them than what I think you think.
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dear o dear, only three types o no there a dozens, dozens and dozens and dozens


check out the scales section its some little tips on it
ok, not to jump all illegal or anything, but if you're that desperate, check out a bit torrent site and do a search for like guitar books or something. Trust me you'll find stuff, then download like crazy, and spend an ass load of time going through every book you just threw on your computer. Otherwise, yes, UG has a lot of info, great place to start. also try


Jeeze i didnt know there were some many scales out there i really only hear about the 3 i named. and the reason i ask for tabs and whatnot is because thats how i learned to "kinda read" music. when it comes to a staff im completely lost.
yeah and ive been lookin at this page in the lessons called modes and mode dictionary and it has the modes defined as well as scales tabbed out. but yeah i know the notes
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or harmonic minor
They're not quite the same, though their most common use is over the major V chord. In that case, I don't care if you call it A Harmonic Minor or E Phrygian Dominant.
Well if you're comfortable with using your guitar while on the computer, Guitar Pro has a built in chord and scale library that should keep you busy. The most common scales are located near the top of the library (major, natural/harmonic/melodic minors, pentatonics, etc.)

I think that's a lot easier than keeping a bunch of papers around with various numbers printed on them.
Thats exactly what ive been doin but ive been trying to learn them from that one page im kinda using it as a study guide. I was also wondering what songs what help me broaden my "ability" and the best way to work on sweeping, i havent really got that down yet