ok when i play the song killing in the name by rage against the machine it sounds good up until the solo part the one where it goes hell high pitched and sqealie dose any one no how to get that sound coz if you do pleez tell me

i busted a g string while i was fingering a minor
That last line, is pathetic and totally irrelevant..
And have you looked at the tabs properly? There might be some pinch harmonics you didn't know about..
Yeah, the Whammy is where it's at. Its sound is quite easy to recognize because although it sounds pretty good when used as a harmonizer, it really sounds completely horribly digitally atrocious when you use it for pitch shifting. I love it.
Quote by Moe.
That last line, is pathetic and totally irrelevant..

LOOL that made me laugh
the last line was awesome
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Digitech whammy set an octave up.

Tom's Amp settings are:

Gain - 10
Bass- 10
Middle- 10
Treble - 10
reverb- 0

If that helps.
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