I am currently using the cable that came with my guitar, is there a big difference in cables? There is a venom one (not sure of what it is exactly) on offer at a local store at the moment, will i see a big difference in sound quality with it compared to the one that came with it?
well its £20 to £10 i think. I know nothing about them but i guess they are better than the ones i got with the guitar.
I had been using the cheap ones at the store forever. Fixing the ends when they started going out. I went and bought a set of mogami cables recently. Not really expecting much. But noticed a huge reduction in buzz with em. I went to use my little SS practice amp and just used one cable and went to make sure the amp worked as I was so used to amp buzz. No it was on but alot quieter.
I realized that the cable came with my guitar was **** after I got myself a Monster Rock Cable. There noticeable less noise with the new one.
okay cool just wanted to know if there was much difference in sound quality to warrant buying a new one. I assume venom ones are pretty good, il buy it 2moro thanks all