Hey guys, I havn't stopped in for awhile. Anyways, my acoustic project "One Room Apartment" just picked up a new guitarist and finished our new song "If These Walls Could Talk." It is my new personal favorite, even though I think all my stuff is horrid. Anyways, we played it for the 1st time last week at a show and a friend recorded it. Be our first reviewers and let us know what you think! We are going into the studio to record that song, revise some others, and master everything so we can put out our first CD. You can check the video out at myspace.com/oneroommusic. It's the second one. Give us your thoughts!

good ****...sorry its late...but certainly not horrid ...keep it up
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i really liked it but no offense but i dont like your voice it sounds punkish

I'm the guitarist in the middle, I wish I could sing!
It didn't suck and it didn't wow me. It was just kinda there, but acoustic music is kinda like that sometimes. You need some punch somewhere, a power punch, something to set the wow factor over the edge. Even just a quiet break in the middle. Don't be discouraged by my comments though. They are meant to be constructive and most bands these days make the same mistake. I say, If your going to get up on stage and show me something, then SHOW me something, something entertaining.

When you get on stage it's no longer music, it's entertainment people!

Good job though, it's a nice song.
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