Right now I've got my eyes on the Washburn D30S but I've run into sort of a problem. Every website I go to says it's discontinued. The only guitar store around here, that I know of, is Guitar Center and they don't carry any Washburns. However, I did find two being sold on Amazon, somehow by Musician's Friend whom say they do not carry it anymore.
I guess what I really want to know is if anyone has heard of a reason why Washburn discontinued the guitar. There's no information on their site and nothing in the forums. Also do you think the two on Amazon might be rejects that Musician's Friend is trying to get off their hands?
Well, I've just recieved an email from Musician's Friend stating they no longer have the D30S and that Amazon has not updated the site. Does anyone know of a reputable seller of the D30S in the US? I can't even find any on eBay.
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i couldn't find any either. my suggestion would be to go to your "My eBay" page. On the left side of the page underneath "My Favorites" you want to click on "Searches". From that page click on "Add new Search" and then you can tell it to search for "Washubrn D30S" every day for up to a year. Whenever the search returns a result, it will send you an e-mail.
Oh that is cool. I do find it strange that everyone would stop selling a guitar if it's supposed to be a really popular model. Oh well, I guess now I'll got with the Yamaha. Thanks for the info though, I'll definitely keep my eyes open for a D30.