Well long story short, singer for my band (erthwrm) quit, and I'm moving in to take over on vocals, I play bass, and I can sing okay (well death metal vocals, I suck at clean) but I'm having alot of trouble doing both at the same time.
Ive tried playing the crap out of a lot of songs, while playing, and It's not really helping.
what would you guys suggest I try?

Thanks in advance for advice and help.
I'm having the same problem at the moment, trying to improve my singing and playing.
it does seem to come with practice, it just takes a long time. what i'm doing is just picking a song with a riff and singing, practicing the guitar part till you can do it in your sleep, doing the same with the singing, then putting them together.
however, this does take a long time... so more advice please!
Ok basically you need to get to the point where you can play a riff eyes closed. When you can do this, play teh riff and think about something in your head. Anything. Next try and hum the words whilst playing the riff and finally you should progress to the stage where you can sing and play.
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Play the song FOCUSSING Manly on the instrument. but hum the melody not caring what u really hum


Play the song FOCUSSING on the vocals, not caring if u bugger up the music

keep practicing on both sides of playing but each time u play try to gradually incorporate words into the song, and try get the timing spot on

Once u get one or 2 songs done like this the process becomes easier and quicker