I have been inspired by UG and now want to build my own guitar this summer. And obviously I want to do a good job. I thought the first thing I should do is maybe buy some reference material, as I am really new at this and don't know much past the basics.

Could you please recommend me the best guitar building books, or DVDs, or internet Tutorials even, that would be helpful for me to read?

So far I Have found this and this . Are these good books?

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Both those books are good, the Melyvn Hiscock book is the better of the two IMO. But both contain useful information.

Another book I'd look at is "The guitar player repair guide" By Dan Erlewine. It has alot of info on setup and how certain things work, it will give you a better understanding how to build a better guitar.

For stuff on the internet, check out the MIMF library (register to see it), project guitar and it's forums. There is heaps of other info available on the net, check out the 'Getting started in customizing' thread at the top of the forum.
thanks thats a lot of help

i have now discovered this book, is this one any good? when it says guitar plans, is it just one type or loads of types?

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Yeah i reccomend Guitar Player Repair Guide by Dan Erlewyne (can't spell his last name), it's a good book. It doesn't tell you how to build a whole guitar but it gives you lots of helpful stuff
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