Any experiences?
What is good for? What sucks about it?
What it compares to?

No reviews ANYWHERE on the net!

I can get one of these cheap to go with my new bugera 333xl dunno if i should or wait up for somethin great coz eventually i'll have to replace that bugera
What is the Bugera like as I ahve been looking at their combos
Jackson DK6
Epiphone Gothic Explorer
Washburn X Series
Randall R50TC
Peavy 100 watt solid state Amp(Early 1990s no idea on model)
Digitech Black 13
Digitech Death Metal
Boss Digital Delay, Noise Gate, Floor Tuner and Phaser
333xl i find the noisegate doesnt do much and the XL buttons dont really have much effect. Reverbs standards really.
If your gonna get one 333xl is the one to get coz the 6262 doesnt sound that great
Wel, I had a friend play that cab, and almost chocked to death on his own vomit. I hope that helps.

Please don't cheap out on a cab. It's like deciding to use condoms, then buying ****ty ones. You'll get aids and babies anyway, and will have wasted money.