Hey pit, we need to connect two PCs, one with windows 98 and another with windows 2000, either straight up with a cable or through a router. how do we do it? We are having problems setting up it and windowses cant detect our computers. help!
Well, What type of network do you want? Do you want to share files between the computer?
Yes a typical local area network. file sharing, internet through the router(or no internet if we do a computer to computer connection without a router).

thanks for any future replies
okay, easy enough.

Plug both computers into the router. now, So long as the router is connected to the internet, both PCs should now have internet. (Aslong as default TCP/IP settings are in effect)

As for file sharing, go to my computer, network places, and you should see the computer, alternatively if nothing shows up, on the PC you wish to share files with create a folder and right click, then set up sharing and security permisions, etc, then you can share into that folder =)