I'm trying to learn to play in a shoegaze style.
My main issue is I don't really have an idea of how to and I don't know chord progession; is that required? (I can still make riffs regardless/progression regardless).

I also don't know what pedals are needed.
Pedal-wise, I own:
-Marshall distortion pedal
-BOSS chorus pedal
-BOSS distortion pedal
-Multi FX pedal that does delay/tremolo etc.
My guitar does not use a whammy.

I had an attempt at a riff/short song, described as a 'pile of ****' by someone, but it's there for critique (2 guitars recorded in it).

Thanks in advance with any help you can offer me.

that's all you need to play shoegaze.
now just bang that sh!t out of your guitar.
Quote by ZC3rr0r
A double fuzz setup? Isn't that sorta overdoing it?

It's the pedals I have at my house, not the ones I actively use at the same time.
That explains alot, cause my muff still scares the living hell out of me when I set it to full blast.
I can't imagine anyone hooking up two fuzzes for anything other than noise or really out of this world stoner...
definately look into a reverb pedal, delay pedal, and a tremolo pedal. i'd suggest staying away from the Line6 DL-4's, i heard they break/malfunction easily. you might want to look into getting 2 delay pedals also, one digital and one analog.


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SUS chords, fuzz and whammy bars are what you need for staring at your shoes and singing like a girl. Delay helps. Delay and reverb together might work. But that shimmering shoegaze sound is made by rocking on the whammy bar.
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