up beat, and is very well composed with a lot of technical soundings riff (not watching typing as i listen)

so far there are 2 themes being used atm which they sound great as they switch to each other

that one part i felt dragged out a tad to long, but hey thats ok cause it built up for the melodic solo (i thought u were playing both parts at the same time lol until i looked otherwise WOW!!! lol)

its a good use of loops and it builds up with a think 5 recurring sections, on this it sounds a bit cluttered but i no if it was all timed and pre-recorded and etc etc all these sections will fit in lovely, as they do now

after this LARGE section it good to return to the main A theme and rall it out

well done it sounds absolutly great i loved most of the build ups and the use of the loops pedal

awesome job
Thanks!! Of all of my original tunes this one is one of my favs. It's in CGDGGD tuning by the way.
Loved the beginning, but it got on my tits a bit when it reach 1:29. You’re a fantastic player btw, would have loved to hear vocals over the opening riffs; it would make an awesome acoustic rock song. Very good work but I didn't like the middle bit so much.


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wow. That was absolutely beautiful and brilliant. I really loved that. How long did it take you to write? I mean, wow man, if you released a CD, I would buy it without a question. Keep it up.

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nexteyenate you win
Thanks nexteyenate. Listened to your track "motion". Cool guitar harmonies, great track I really liked it. Nice job!
Thanks for the crit- You're right, I do need more Live experience, but also these open mics usually have terrible systems with no monitors, so either way it's hard to sound your best.

Your tune... The guitar playing is top notch... Quite excellent man, I hope you're doing this professionally. Love the looping as well, I do it also with my acoustic and vocals. Pretty cool man!! You're a great composer.
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Your tune... The guitar playing is top notch... Quite excellent man, I hope you're doing this professionally.

Music is my main focus at the moment although the pay is a wee-bit on the low side!