I was looking to upgrade my strat, and was in a dilema of having a vintagey strat or a "hot rodded" strat, but seeing that i have a jaguar and a telecaster for the vintage tone, i decided to just put some rather high/moderate output pickups in there.

i was browsing through and saw the seymour duncan blackout as-1. the single coil blackout...there's no diagram or schematic up yet on SD, so i'm not sure if its active or not. I know the blackout humbuckers are active, but it says that the single coil blackouts can retrofit onto a strat, so i think its passive but i dont know since the normal blackouts are active.

has it come out yet? and if it has, is it a passive pickup? cause i don't want to install active parts into my strat.

I was also looking at the duncan SSL5/6, SSL 4/7 and APS-2, Lindy Fralin Vintage hot or high output. please give me some input on this. looking for a nice hard rock tone, that can step into Megadeth-y territory with my overdrive pedals.

thanks for the help!
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Blackouts are active.
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