For sale is this Ibanez S470QS. This guitar has a quilt top body and is a mahogany finish. This guitar is almost mint, and great for any kind of metal or rock music, and plays very smoothly. I've never taken this guitar on tour or on stage, and it's just gorgeous, as you can see in the pics!

Please note that I am also including the case as shown in the pictures, which cost me an additional $80.

In addition, you get the EMG pickups included and installed, which are great for all kinds of music, but especially rock and metal, the louder the better! The EMG 81/85 set is the standard Zakk Wylde configuration they sell as a pack for $200. The 85 sounds GREAT on lead lines or even softer clean tone picking, it comes out with a good amount of bass, and really brings out the full tone of the amp. The 81 is of course the same pickup as Kirk Hammit and Zakk Wylde and a ton of other metal and rock artists use, it's probably THE best crunch sound you can get, period, when you turn on the distortion full blast! Again, this cost $200 originally!

-Floyd Rose Tremolo
-25.5 Bolt on Wizard II neck.
-Upgraded EMG 81 (Bridge), EMG 85 (Neck) pickups ($200 value)
-No middle single coil pickup, to prevent complications with the active EMG's in the bridge and neck.
-Nut locks
-No whammy bar
-Comes with hardshell case ($80 value)

As you can see, this is originally a $600 guitar with an $80 hardshell case and a $200 pickups upgrade, so over $900 with tax originally, for only $400 + shipping. <-- LOWERED FROM $450+ SHIPPING!

I'll take cashier's checks or money orders mailed to me, and ship after the money clears, or I'll take paypal if you pay the extra 3% fee that Paypal will charge me. Price is firm.

I still have a carton and packing peanuts for a previous guitar purchase - the guitar will be shipped in its hardshell case in this shipping carton, and shipped USPS or FedEx (your choice).

Thank you for your time, and please pm me if you have any questions about the guitar or would like more information.
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Just a heads up. When you sell you usually don't add the cost of pickups you installed.
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Understood, I'm just saying, if you built up a new guitar with new case and new parts, you'd end up spending about double what I'd like to get for this guitar, and this seems to match the eb^y pricing pretty well - this finish is beautiful, the pickups are great, and it has a case, so I'm sure someone will LOVE this guitar, and I'd prefer to sell to an enthusiast here rather than a dealer on that other site. I can pm you my seller ratings as well, to anyone who's interested, thanks.
man if I wasn't buying an amp I would snatch this up

free bump
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Yeah, this is a BEAUTIFUL guitar, thanks for the bump! Still available, everyone!
What trem is that, exactly? Origional Floyd?

Interested in any trades, or just an outright sale? Check my sig for stuff I'm letting go...
Price is still firm, bump to stay in the mix, this is a GORGEOUS finish, super light guitar, the EMG's sound amazing, and with a hard shell case! Just put a fresh Energizer in for the EMG's as well, and put fresh .09-.42's on it (it's currently intonated for 9's).
Pumps and a bump, pumps and a bump... seriously, just throwing this back to the front since it's still available, now it's the weekend, and I'm getting some good questions about it, keep it coming! $450, let me know if you're interested!
No thanks, I need less guitars, not more! LOL

Bumping for a beautiful guitar!
I have lowered the price to $400 + shipping! VERY playable, extremely good looking guitar, with amazing tone due to the EMG 81/85 pair, and a hard case!
I find it unusual for an Ibanez, especially an S-series with an Original Floyd Rose.

Also, I can't see any markings stating it's an Original Floyd Rose in Photo 2.

Edit 2:
It's a Lo-Pro Floyd Rose, Lic. from the looks of it, I'm not too sure unless I see closer photos.
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I'll confess, I don't know how to tell the difference from one type of floating bridge to the next, I just know it's the standard bridge that comes with an Ibanez S470QS - PM me if you're seriously interested, and I'll be happy to take further pics and upload them, I'm still taking offers, thanks.
its a ZR i think, theyre on all of the S series

great trems, best ones ibanez do!
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