At the moment i have a fender g-dec amp. This month im going to get a MIM fender strat with a few pedalsfor my bday . ( boss ds-2, boss dd-3, behringer hellbabe wah and a few other pedals)
Do you think i will be able to get a good rhcp tone with it?
thx, all help is appreciated
Depends on which tone you specifically mean. For the harder funk songs, a lot of Frusciante's tone comes from his technique, like how hard he picks his notes.
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thru a GDEC? I doubt it. I don't think running pedals thru a GDEC is gonna sound good at all. Have you been able to fiddle with presets to get a true clean 'channel/preset' sound.

modeling + modeling = fail

i know, look at my sig. Otherwise, you are on track, you just need tube based amp like a Fender SuperChamp or Blues Jr. or a Peavey Valveking 112 or some of the other amps that folks are recommending for low budget. you might want to forget about the pedals for now and focus on the amp imo

forget matching his pedal board i believe he has the biggest sequence going. he is a fanatic when it comes to tone. A good article to read is the guitar player issue where he is on the front cover.

get a new amp first

also: the behringer wah is absolutely hideous
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