What would be some good blues song to play on bass?
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La Grange - ZZtop
Pride and Joy - SRV
One way out - Allman brothers band version

a few basics to start with
Smokin' in the Boys Room - Motley Crue
Bathroom Wall - Faster Pussycat
Your Mama don't Dance - Poison
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Do you want rock blues or straight blues?

For straight blues I'll make a few suggestions...

Born under a Bad sign (Albert King)
Killing Floor (Howling Wolf)
Pride and Joy (Steve Ray Vaughn) and the rest of the SRV catalog. Tommy Shannon is a blues bass god.
anything by B.B. King esp. the stuff that Jerry Jemmott played on.
Going to the County (Taj Mahal)
Hideaway (Freddie King), "I'm Tore down" is fun as well
Chicken Shack (Charlie Musselwhite)
Sweet Home Chicago (Various artists, its a blues "standard")

And that's just a quick sample. The great thing is that once you get the 12 bar form down with a good foundation in the blues and / or pentatonic scales you are free to set down the basement for good blues bass playing. Remember though, in many cases, less is more. Your are building the floor that supports the lead instruments and you drive the train of the song much more so even than the drummer.

And here's a Hal Leonard plug. There is a very inexpensive Hal Leonard book on Blues Bass playing that explains blues bass playing styles 12 bar, turnarounds, lean ins etc and has every blues standard contained within.
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Yer Blues - Beatles

idk if I'd agree with that for a good blues bassline. But if we were to do Beatles semi-blues songs, I'd have to think I want you (she's so heavy)'s verse has that santana-y blues-y feel to it... and is sick.
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Thanks for the help guys! (and gal)
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