Personally I think this Film has an amazing sound track.

There's talk that Tom Morello is also featured somewhere in the film.

What are your ideas on the film? are you looking forward to seeing it?
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Everyone raves about it, but I think it looks decidedly average. Shall have to wait and see when the film's released.
Soundtrack looks to be imence(sp? Don't care i like the word!)
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Soundtrack looks to be imence(sp? Don't care i like the word!)

Not enough to spell it right...

I think the movie will be on par with Hulk and Hellboy. Which isn't much.
Robert Downey is epic fail, hence the movie will be as well. And I don't care for Iron Man

Bring on Ice Man!
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You can't come up with ridiculous plot lines for a 50 some odd year old comic, and expect it to be good.

Although I would like to see what they would do for Captain America
I'm looking forward to seeing it even more than the Dark Knight
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It's magic magic baby!

I've given up on all these comic book movies. They all are nothing but retarded looking computer graphics. They never ever look convincing.

Dark Knight looks good only because it's appeal is that of an interesting character - The Joker. I'm looking forward to it.
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