That was teh uber br00talz. *spam*
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an abomination. It's like a BC Rich had sex with an Ibanez, had an abortion, and it survived on the side of the road eating roadkill and drinking it's own urine.

Most metal guitar ever. Period.
Lol @ "Satanic Death Metal". I'd love to go to that preschool..
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I went to the doctor, and they found something in my bladder. And whenever they find something, it's never anything good like, "We found something in your bladder AND IT'S SEASON TICKETS TO THE YANKEES!!

Do you folks like folk?
Acording to the teacher the kids had seen both jazz and classical music being performed, but not metal.
Also I found it hillarious when they said that they wanted to reach out to some younger fans.
This was on Fark the other day. Greatest quote ever:

"We need to let metal and Odin catch the kids before Jesus does"
How old were those kids with "Metal Fan" under their names?!
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Phill is a very attractive guy...

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How old were those kids with "Metal Fan" under their names?!

Probably around three, given the average age in Norwegian kindergartens

Yeah, this is in a kindergarten.
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