Hi all, I need a good pratice amp (~15-30W) to play at home. Now I have a crap Fender Frontman 15R, it isn't so good... I need a better one. I play mostly Metal, but I have already a good pedal for distortion: Digitech Metal Master. So I'm looking for an amp that have a nice clear sound (to do some cool acoustic parts), but wich I can still play Metal.

Anyone can suggest me? Thanks and sorry for my bad english

P.S.: my guitar is a Jackson RR3.
Fender deluxe 85 watts. (Yeah I post this reply because I have the amp, but listen ). It is clear, even at really high volumes. This amp was designed to sound like a tube amp, and it is REALLY loud. They don't make 'em anymore, so look for a second hand. This saves you money too . Just give it a try
Cool, but I'm looking for a pratice amp... not more than 30W. I guess an 85W will break the walls at home...

EDIT: I can spend up to $250/300.
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Roland Cube?

If it's just for home practice then that will probably be your best bet.
In that case, get the Roland Cube, you might want to sell your pedal after hearing it too.