I've been practicing rhythm guitar for about 3 month (I'd been playing guitar but since I decided to be a rhythm guitarist)

And realized that rhythm guitar is damn hard as much as lead guitar

So I want to practice as many songs as I can for Rhythm guitar part

But I know only a few bands that have great rhythm guitar part

(I don't know where to post this so if it bothers you ,I apologise)

If you know any good songs or bands that have great rhythm guitar part ,Please tell me the bands or songs

In some ways I happen to call it great "rhythm guitar part"
(I know that This is not only about the rhythm guitar but I need to practice these)

Either (It's not neccesary to be the 3 things ,just either of this or that..)

1.technically good rhythm part
(Riff--I prefer sounding using chords or more like core sound//using techniques//Imaginative rhythm parts--Not only just playing chords)

2.Rhythmically good rhythm part
(In this case , I surely know that "good rhythm" means depends on your taste and gerne but I prefer "Core" music (hard-core,Metal-core,Emo-core,ect so I hope to know about the bands or songs that have good rhythm playing by rhythm guitarist but If it's good tell me whether it's core or not please)

3.Sounding good rhythm part
(I don't know how to say it , For instance Let's say There is rhythm guitarist A,and B
And they play exactly same song with same gears but you can say who is better than whom ,I mean even though they play the same thing with same gears ,One is play more like a pro ,and sounding good (not only just because of the equalize) you know what I mean soo Recommend me please)

I would be very appreciate if you guys help me to find these bands or songs for my practicing . if you do I'll shut my mouth and stop posting sh*t
Recommend me any good post-hardcore band
i dont know if this ties into your whole "core" thing but both
metallica (hetfield) and machine head (flynn) are good rythm guitarists with more than enough material to check out.
Quote by alkalineweeman
metallica (hetfield)

This ^
Hetfield is the ultimate rhythm guitarist.

But, if you're into the whole "core" thing Killswitch Engage, As I lay Dying, etc. is some good metalcore to check out.
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I really like some of the lamb of god rhythm stuff. Paritcularlly laid to rest.
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Whether it's your style or not:

Izzy Stradlin' (Guns 'N' Roses) has some real killer rhythm parts, really well written pieces.
Malcolm Young (AC/DC) it's not complicated rhythm parts but they really lay down a solid base for the rest of the band
Brad Whitford (Aerosmith) also some quality rhythm play. Great interplay between Rhythm and Lead as well

And has mentioned above, Hetfield is a great RTM Guitarist...