I've just changed my strings, and it sounds very "steely". It's hard to explain.. But it has this anonying metal on metal sound.

It's the same brand as my old strings, so it must be because they're new? Is there a way to get rid of this sound?
I'm guessing you mean the "bright" sound. That's because of the new strings, and you'll lose that sound in about a week.

For me that's enough reason to get new strings, I just love it
same i just restrung i love the sound
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that is how new string sound...

just wait till the chemical reactions of steel and air kick in, then u'll get the normal sound back
I absolutely adore the bright sound they have... pinch harmonics are a dream too.

It'll go away quite quickly.
Thanks guys!

I was worried that I had put the strings on wrong or something
It's werid I've never noticed it before..

Now that i've got used to it, I kinda like it
it's normal when yo change strings.
Play them for 1-2 hours and they'll be fine.
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