so...just bought a wah wah pedal and I wonder what songs would be great for me to start with

any suggestions???


also....where should i put my wah....before or after distortion???
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erm enter sandman solo , i dont really know any easy stuff with wah just try some riffs with it and see how it sounds
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i put my wah as the first pedal in my setup.
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The beggining riff of Black Sabbath's Supernaut is simple and sounds good with wah wah.
well..easy..hummm..if you find the solo on enter sand man too complex then try the solo to slither by velvet revolver. i put my wah before anything but its up to you to experiment
If you put the wah before other effects, the effect will be more obvious; there will be more contrast between the fully open and fully closed positions. Middle position can sound vapid.

If you put the wah after all other effects, it will be more subtle and smoother. There will be more tone in the middle position though.

Or, if you've got multiple effects, you can of course put it betwen them. Then, how the wah reacts will depend entirely on which effects are either side of it. Generally you'd put fuzz and distortion pedals before the wah, and overdrive and delay/reverb/chorus/etc pedals after the wah.

Personally, I like to keep it almost at the end of my effect chain, with some twelve pedals or so before it. The only thing I leave after the wah is a volume boost.
try giving Stevie Ray Vaughn's "say what? "a listen its off the cd "soul to soul" that'll give yer foot a work out...
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