This afternoon i found my old flute while cleaning up my room (which is pretty amazing as i never could find anythink useful in cleaning up my room) .. i recorded a Song called between the Now and Then the lyrics are about the change of a person ... it sounds a bit like some irish folk , i would be very interested in your opinions as i have never done this kind of music before, i know there are some mistakes in it but what the hell

the song and the lyrics are on my profile
-------------------|Carpe Diem - Lebe den Tag|-----------------
Ok the melody on the flute is nice, quite clear. Acoustic guitar sounds boomy in the mix, maybe some EQing could have been done there.

Vocals are poor, really boring and flat.

The song structure is too simple IMO. The song doesn't go anywhere it's just repetitive. You need to change it up somewhere along the line and make it sound more interesting - I think this would help the vocal a bit.

Overall: not bad, different and I like how you used the flute. Nice chord progression and the melody works well but it's just really boring after the first 16-32 bars or so.

Still, nice try.
I have to agree with johnny trash
nice melody (guitar and flute)
but it's repetive
and the vocals are very flat try to vary more
and text is nice but also a bit repeating but its very good for a student^^
wanted to ask with which program you recorded
keep on rockin'
well thank you for your comment it's true it wuite repetive, after listening to it again some time after recording it i realize this , but well i's some kind of folk not metal or rock .. most of folk is repetive as the ear of the listerer should be on the lyrics
this is recorded by audacity , its freeware, guitar flute and vocals are all recorded over marshall 50-Dfx as i am on holiday and don't have my equipment at the moment , i'm working on a metal ballad at the moment i hope it will be less repitive maybe you also want to rate it when it's finished , I#ll make an edit than
-------------------|Carpe Diem - Lebe den Tag|-----------------