Alright I just came back from Sam Ash and tried out the ltd mh-400nt and the ec-500. Both guitars were pretty awesome but I didnt get to play them for long. On the ec-500 I had trouble reaching the higher frets. I was wondering if that is something you can used to with time because I really love the way the ec looks.
I don't know about the fret access, maybe ur fingers grow.

But the LTD is an awsome guitar.
Yeah man now im having a real tough time deciding. The mh is an awesome guitar, but I already have a standard shape guitar and want something different. I love the look of the ec but im not sure if ill get used to cutaway.
You would get a tiny bit more used to the single cutaway in time, but generally speaking if your hands are too small to make use of the highest frets now, it's not like one day your hands will magically be able to reach them perfectly. If you find it really hard to use now, then you probably won't get much better in time.