This is a brand new guitar with nothing wrong with it. There is not a scratch or dent anywhere on it, and plays GREAT!!!!!!...This guitar will come with the hard case and a guitar stand!!!!!...I'll also throw in a Line 6 amp for an extra $100, but that's optional of course!!!!!! In a music store, this guitar right now is running at about $879...Im selling it with a case and all for $650+ shipping!!!!!!

Mahogany body
Quilted maple top
Set in 3-piece mahogany neck
Rosewood fingerboard
24 XJ frets
EMG 81 (bridge) and 60 (neck) active pickups
Schaller locking tuners
Earvana compensated nut
Tonepros T3B-T and T1Z locking bridge/tailpiece
Abalone flag inlays
Master Tone and 2 Volume knobs with 3-way switch
24.75" scale
Black hardware

Call Brandon at (941)720-4612
Email at Brandonrickrode@alltel.blackberry.com for pictures!!!!!
y u selling if its brand new

EDIT: u fool u posted ur phone number on the internet
I hope u have a great long distance plan, theres bound to be some douche' from austraillia calling u soon
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yeah, it's the same posting I put on craigslist, I just copy/pasted it, I wont answer a long distance call if I dont know the area code, plus my phone says "texas" or whatever, anyway, I changed styles of music, it collects dust (until I polish it once a week)...lol...and I need to get rid of it. Trust me, I want to sell it for like $800 or $750, but I've been trying for like weeks on craigslist, and havent gotten a single reply, so I dropped the price a little bit!!!!
yeah, pics. that's the EXACT guitar i've been looking for for weeks now.

what's your email?...i'll send pictures immediately. I couldn't figure out how to post pictures on here....I just registered today..........
i got mine used for 600 + the case. you could probably go a little bit lower if you wanted to be nice...
why do you think it's a scam?....I've go pictures and everything....I don't need your email if you dont want...I just don't know how to post pictures on here...I just signed up on this site like 2 hours ago and tried to figure it out and couldnt find where to post pictures on the posting...someone tell me how and i'll post them
if u have the pix on photobucket or sumthing, just copy the links given and paste them here, as a post
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...or you can just upload them onto your UG account, just do that.

Jesus chris people, this guy just joined and he is selling something?

He probably got perma-banned for another scam he made on UG.
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