So I bought a EVJ Special Combo amp which has recently had the tubes replaced. I like the amp, however the clean sounds a little farty and I am looking for something a bit clearer and my birthday is coming up. I'm looking to replace the 10" speaker and have heard of a couple speakers such as the Eminence Copperhead, The Celestion Vintage 10 and the Celestion 10. Anything in regards to suggestions for a replacement speaker are welcomed (Looking to play different kinds of rock and blues, looking for a nice clear classic rock tone for clean and distorted). I am playing through a Epiphone G400 Custom and plan on using either a boss ds-1 or overdrive pedal. I was talking to an electrician and he said for a clearer sound if i put in something with less wattage than the original speaker (75 watts) then I can get a better quality sound. Can anyone confirm this?

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Edit: It is a Valve Special

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